Woman Finds Photo from Vietnam, Search for Owner Ensues

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Here’s another example of how modern communication channels work. It involves a Vietnam era photograph found in a parking lot. Here is some of the story:

A woman in Southwest Ohio is asking for individuals to take a few moments and give a close look at a seemingly decades-old photograph.

According to WDTN, Samantha Bryson found the picture of three men who appeared to be in the military outside a grocery store in Vandalia, Ohio earlier this week.

“It was just laying face up in the parking lot,” she told the news outlet.

Bryson added, “It’s got the three gentleman on it who obviously were friends in the war.”

How did I learn about this? It started with a LinkedIn posting, “People Speak Related Languages – Place of Origin” by Susan aka “Sunny” Taylor-Colby. a regular poster about genealogical topics on LinkedIn. She was calling attention to the following posting on another website about a recent story in the New York Times:

From England to Russia to India, People Speak Related Languages. Here’s the Surprising Place…theblaze.com

I checked out this posting, then I scanned further down the page at www.theBlaze.com and came across the following topic, subject of this particular posting: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/12/12/why-an-ohio-woman-is-asking-you-to-take-a-close-look-at-this-seemingly-decades-old-photograph.

Reading that item, I learned about the photo found in a Vandalia, Ohio, parking lot, and the effort to return it to its owner. If you take a look at the above link, be sure to click through to the online video of the TV news report from Station WDTN (http://wdtn.com/), a television station in Dayton, Ohio, whose broadcast coverage includes Vandalia, eleven miles north of Dayton.

While we’re at it, what exactly is www.theBlaze.com? Apparently it is an Internet website operated by pundit Glenn Beck, a well-known conservative pundit. Normally, I wouldn’t spend time looking at a communication channel with such a conservative bent, but I was glad that I did in this case after reading about the found photo.

BTW, the item from the LinkedIn posting, “People Speak Related Languages…,” having to do with the origins of languages in present-day Europe was quite interesting also. I have more details about that in another post on www.CollectingAncestors.com, all thanks to www.LinkedIn.com and www.theBlaze.com.


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