Megan Smolenyak Does It Again–Her Report on Stephen Colbert

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This morning I opened an email notification from Facebook about Megan Smolenyak sharing a link. When I checked out the link, I learned that it actually was dated 29 Jan 2015. So what’s a few days delay?

Anyway, the link was to Irish America magazine and its new issue with her genealogical report on Stephen Colbert on the cover. I’ve long been a fan of Megan’s so I immediately went to the link and accessed her article. It’s at Stephen Colbert: One Last Report (It’s Genealogical). You may be aware that Stephen’s “The Colbert Report” on the Comedy Central network recently ended a successful run so he could prepare to take over “The Late Show” on CBS when Dave Letterman retires in September.

I have quite a mix of ancestry on my mother’s side, including Scots-Irish ancestry, but no pure Irish ancestry that I know of. Nevertheless, I found it fascinating to read Meagan’s report on Stephen’s Irish origins.

Check out Megan’s report. I bet you will find it fascinating too!

Note: I even signed up for the Irish America Newsletter. You can too at Irish American Newsletter.

Note 2: You can still view episodes of “The Colbert Report” at The Colbert Report Episode Guide.



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