Learning About My Seventh Great Grandmother from Holland

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This is a followup from my post of yesterday: Ancestry.com Providing Thousands of Hints for My Research .

My maternal seventh great grandmother was  Eva Albertssen Bratt, b 9 Jan 1633 in Amsterdam, Holland. When I reviewed my entry for her on my Huskonen-Dingman-Van Court-Scheppelmann Ancestry tree, I found that I only had a paltry two sources and 1 record.  Her entry showed, however, that Ancestry.com had found 27 “green leaf hints.”

One of the hints pointed to 29 other Public Ancestry Member trees the included a listing for my Eva. Most of these appear to be derivative, but a few present the results of considerable research. For example, one tree claimed 33 sources and 32 records. Needless to say, it will take me some time to evaluate each of these sources and records and decide which I want add to Eva’s facts on my tree.

One takeaway from looking at entries for Eva in this research is that the colonial Dutch were very determined to record the major developments in their lives as both civil and church records.

Also, I am grateful for the dedicated genealogists who transcribed these nearly 400-year-old records and published them for researchers like me. In many cases, the records were created in Dutch, so the transcribers also had to translate them into English.

One of the resources cited in the trees I have looked at is Web: Netherlands Genealogical Online Trees, 1000-2015, a project by Ancestry.com. We’ll see how useful this turns out to be.

  1. Amy Kenneley

    ….all researchers stand on the shoulders of researchers who have contributed such great sources for us to find.


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