Finland’s Marimekko Is Bringing Style to USA at Target

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I was watching television the other day and a commerical from Target came on with a bold title that appeared to be to be in Finnish. I was immediately intrigued, being a good Finnish-American. Finally today, I was able to do some online research and found that the title was Pöytä Juhlavaksi, which apparently is translated loosely as “Serving It.” Anyway, the commercial featured a great number of brightly colored picnic dishes and serving plates, so that commercial title is appropriate.

Marimekko Serving It

It turns out that Target has made a deal with Marimekko, the Finnish design and lifestyle company, to supply a variety of items for American consumers beginning on April 17, offering them online and in stores. A Google search turned up a lot of buzz about the deal — and some advice for potential buyers: Shop early because the products probably will fly off the shelves quickly.

Target has a series of four commercials about the Marimekko promotion under the banner of It’s Finnish, Target Style. They include Surf’s Up, House Party, and Go Fly A Kite, in addition to the one titled Serving It.

To view the four commercials go here: It’s Finnish, Target Style.

The page featuring all the products in the Finnish, Target Style collection is at Target Marimekko Brand Shop.

Target also provides these helpful FAQs regarding the collection:

When will the collection be available?
Marimekko for Target will be available on April 17, 2016. Target will carry the collection online and in all stores, through May 8, 2016, or while supplies last.

What time will the collection be available on
The Marimekko for Target collection will be available in the early morning on April 17, 2016.

Will all stores have the collection?
A selection of the Marimekko for Target collection will be available in all Target stores, with the full collection available on

Will all stores have the same items?
All stores will have Marimekko for Target items. The collection will vary by store. Please note that we expect this collection to be popular, so it’s possible that availability at a store may quickly change.

What time will the stores open?
All stores will open at their regular posted time.

Will stores allow guests to put items on hold?
Per our store policies, guests will not be allowed to put items on hold.

What are the online-exclusive items?
There are 26 online exclusive items that will only be available online, but all store items will be available on Plus sizes for women are available online only.

Return policy
There is a 14-day return policy for the Marimekko for Target collection at Target stores and on

Will there be a limit on the purchase quantities for the collection?
There will be no purchase limits in Target stores and standard limit restrictions will apply on purchases are limited to five of the same item. We encourage people to shop early if there are specific items they are hoping to purchase.

Finally, if you want to learn more about Marimekko and its products, go here It is in English.

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