MyHeritage Yields Finnish Researchers Interested in My Ancestors

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I just gave myself a Christmas present of a premium membership to By poking around in the free version, I gathered the strong impression that this genealogical database provider has a bigger presence in Europe than I entered some very limited information about my Huuskonen (original spelling) ancestors on an online tree I created in my account dubbed Huskonen-Huuskonen Research project. Starting with myself, I went back four generations with very limited information.

Since entering this data, I have learned that there are several Smart Matches for me to review and confirm or not.

Here is a list of the matches:

Närhi Web Site \ Narhi Family Tree (20 matches)
Seppä Emil Hännisen sukusivusto \ Seppä Emil Hänninen (19 matches)
Leppänen Web Site \ Leppänen Family Tree (8 matches)
Savolainen Web Site \ Savolainen Family Tree (6 matches)
Jäntti Web Site \ export-Ancestors (5 matches)
Kirsti’s Background Web Site \ Kirstis Background – 13052016 (4) – 14072016 (4 matches)
haapa Web Site \ haapa Family Tree (3 matches)
Häkkinen Web Site \ Häkkinen Family Tree (2 matches)
juopperi Web Site \ juopperi – 2013-06-25 22-06-34 (One match)
väisänen Web Site \ väisänen Family Tree (One match)
Ritvanen Web Site \ Ritvanen Family Tree (One match)
Hurri Web Site \ Hurri Family Tree (One match)
Suomalainen Web Site \ Suomalainen Family Tree (One match)
I have removed the links that were behind each of the web site names in this list, since it would be rather complicated for you the reader to try to check them out. If you are familiar with the appearance of Finnish surnames, you will conclude as I have that most of these researchers are based in Finland and the Smart Matches indicate that they have an interest in people who appear in my ancestry. The Savolainen web site is particularly interesting because my great grandmother was Eva Savolainen.

This is pretty exciting, as I have had little contact with researchers in Finland. Obviously, they have more ready access to records–and they can read the language, which I cannot without heavy use of Google Translate.

I have confirmed most of the matches listed above. Now I have to wait for the web site managers to accept my confirmations. Then the information can be added to my website.

One more thing: I can sync the information from my online tree to a tree in Family Tree Builder, a genealogical database available for free from MyHeritage. You can download it here. With this arrangement, you can keep a copy of your family tree on your computer and use it to print out a variety of reports and charts.

Watch this space for progress reports.

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