Online Repository Tracks Nearly 10 Years of Genealogy News & Developments

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I am constantly amazed by how much news has come from genealogical and family history organizations and companies over the years. One way to track developments is to access the online repository of the Family History Newsletter — Genealogy News, compiled by by Sylvia and Jack Sonneborn. The newsletters are available for viewing on Rootsweb, beginning with the October 2007 issue and running monthly through December 2016. That’s almost 10 years of news and counting.

You can access these newsletters at

Earlier issues are available in MS Word, while later issues have been converted to PDF files. Issues often run 20 pages or more packed with reports about genealogy and family history news.

Here is background info about the newsletters and their creators:

These are links to the York Pennsylvania Ward Family History Newsletters, provided by Sylvia and Jack Sonneborn, of York County, Pennsylvania. They are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka LDS Church, Mormon Church). Please be advised that these newsletters may contain religious information peculiar to the LDS Church in addition to very useful genealogy research information.

Note: This is NOT an official site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For those that would like to know more from official websites of the Church, please see ,, … LDS Radio Online, and/or LDS Newsroom.

In some cases where I have just learned about a genealogy program feature, I can go to these newsletters and learn when that feature was first introduced. In some cases, I find I have been missing out on research productivity for weeks and even months by not taking advantage of the latest feature or development.


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