Two Date Calculators Useful for Genealogy

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Today I noticed a small water leak coming from the furnace in our basement. We had the furnace humidifier serviced in January. There was a 90-day guarantee for replacement of a water pad in the humidifier. I wanted to calculate exactly how long it was since the service was done.

I searched on Google for phrase “number of days calculator.” The first result was, a website that provided me with a means of calculating exactly how long it was since the service on the furnace.

Could this also be used in genealogy? The answer is YES. I plugged in the date of birth and the date of death for my great uncle Walter Chase Dingman. All I had to do was click on the calculate button and I had my answer: 88 years and 25 days. That was without counting the final date, which I could have included with another click of a button.

The website is the creation of a Norwegian company, Time and Date AS, based in Stavanger, Norway. In addition to the date calculator, it offers many other features such as a world clock, local and world weather and forecasts, a time zone map, and much more.

This age calculation got me to thinking about ages found on older tombstones, which are given in years, months, and days. I wondered if there was a calculator for determining the birth date from a death date and age in years, months, and days. Another Google search turned up the Tombstone Birthday Calculator at the website Ancestor Search.

Would the two agree in Uncle Walter’s case?  In the second calculator, I plugged in Uncle Walter’s death date–27 Apr 1967–and his age–88 years and 25 days.

The second calculator produced the result of 02 Apr 1881, which was exactly right for Uncle Walter’s birth date.

So a little research on the Internet led to two more tools for me to use in my genealogical research. And finding them represented two more examples of the usefulness of Google in finding answers.



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