RootsMagic Moving Closer to Syncing with Family Trees

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Thanks to Randy Seaver and his Genea-Musing blog, I was able to view a video created by Bruce Buzbee about how his RootsMagic personal computer database program (Version 7) will shortly be able to “sync” with family trees in His post is here:

The new capabilities of RootsMagic 7 in working with trees in involve Treeshares and Web Hints.

Treeshare is the mechanism by which you can upload your RootsMagic tree to, or vice versa.

Web Hints are similar to the Green Leaf hints on From your FootsMagic tree, you can see hints that the program finds for you in, FindMyPast, and MyHeritage. When the new capability is finally rolled out, you will be able to see Web Hints in as well.  It then is up to you to accept or reject a Hint for a particular person in your RootsMagic tree.

Web Hints are in three categories: Records such as census, military, and vital records; Other member trees; and Media, which includes photos and stories on Ancestry family trees, all of which may pertain to a person in your RootsMagic tree.

Bruce Buzbee has chosen not to call the new capability “syncing” but Tree Sharing. For a detailed discussion 0f this preference, watch his video from Randy Seaver’s post (see above) or go directly to YouTube where you can find it at

The new capability is being Beta tested by approximately 1,000 RootsMagic 7 users as we speak. Eventually, according to Bruce, as many as 3,500 may be testing the new capability.

I’m excited by this evolution of online genealogical research. I will be able to collect records and other information on, then use Tree Share to update my RootsMagic family tree. And with the RootsMagic tree, I can organize many more reports, do sorting, and other refinements that aren’t available with an tree.

Stay tuned.

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