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Today, I completed laying out my last issue as editor of Footsteps to the Past, the quarterly newsletter of the Cuyahoga Genealogical Society, a chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. Martha Nienhaus is taking over as editor and will put together the Fall 2017 issue.

When John Stoika died in May in 2013, I took over the Footsteps editorship. I included the following note in the June 2013 issue:

New Look for Footsteps

With this issue, Footsteps to the Past takes on a slightly different look. I am using a different electronic publishing program [Microsoft Publisher] from the one John Stoika used [Print Shop Pro]. This required drawing up new templates for the pages of the newsletter. Also, I decided to increase the type size slightly and to use an alignment known as “flush left, ragged right” rather that the justified alignment used before. This gives the newsletter a less formal appearance, and I believe that it makes is a bit easier to read as well. Let me know what you think.

Going forward, I will be looking for article contributions from CVGS members. We all like to read case studies of successful research, so why not write one up and share it through this newsletter. Favorite memories of family life are welcome too.

This was my second stint as editor of Footsteps. I served as editor from the September 1996 issue until the Jun3 1999 issue. Jack Braverman and then John Stoika stepped up and served as editor. Incidentally, if you want to check out previous issues of Footsteps, go to our website, www.cuyahogagenealogy.org, and open the Members section. You’ll find a complete run of issues there under newsletters.

Now, Martha Nienhaus is taking over as editor. She has indicated to me that she has some changes in mind for the layout. What will remain the same is the need for articles from CVGS members. I urged CVGS members to let her know if they have an article to contribute. I plan to submit articles to her from time to time going forward.

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