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It’s hard to believe but it has been one month and two days since I last posted to this blog. The subject of that post was to record the passing of my wife Mary Jane, MJ for short, on May 19. Since then it has been quite an adjustment not having her present in my daily life.

At first, I was quite busy planning a Celebration of Life for MJ. We held it on June 4 at Nosek-McCreery Funeral Home here in Brecksville. We had the assistance of a professional celebrant, Kevin O’Brien. He organized a wonderful service for our family and friends. Afterward, we shared a catered meal in the funeral home’s hospitality room.

Then I got busy taking care of MJ’s affairs. Since we had joint ownership of everything, we don’t have to go through probate, but there were credit card accounts to be closed, insurance¬†notifications, and other details. With her affairs mostly settled now, I can devote time again to genealogy and family history research — and posting on this blog. Stay tuned.

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