Uncle Walter’s Marriage Found Online

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Today, I opened one of the hints on Ancestry.com and it led me to the marriage record of my great uncle Walter Chase Dingman. I had visited the Archives for Trumbull County, Ohio, in Warren, more than 15 years ago to obtain a paper copy of this marriage record. Now it is available online. If you guessed that I hadn’t scanned the paper copy and added it to my tree yet, you would be correct. Now all that was required to add the digital image to Walter’s profile in my family tree was a click of the computer mouse. Such is the progress of online records for genealogy.

I had heard a couple years ago that the marriage records held in Warren would be unavailable for awhile — because they were being digitized by FamilySearch volunteers. I don’t know when this record was put online, but I’m glad I found it today.

The hint from Ancestry led me to the marriage record image at FamilySearch.org. This is another example of the cooperation/collaboration between Ancestry and FamilySearch.

Now for the facts from the marriage record: It was Uncle Walter’s first marriage at age 67 (he reported to the clerk that he was only 65). It was Mina Mae (Waid) Woolley’s second marriage (her first husband was deceased) and she reported that she was 61 years of age. They were married on 1 May 1948 by Horace J. Braden, M.G. [minister of God].

The couple resided in the house she owned in Kinsman, Ohio.

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