Archives: January 2018

Deed Research on Grandma Grace’s House

After posting my discovery yesterday that Grandma Grace’s house was no longer standing at 1911 E. 89th St., I decided to do some deed research and see if I could find out who ended up owning the property. Deed researchers in Cuyahoga County are very fortunate in that the county has an online database of

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OMG!!! Grandma Grace’s House Is Gone!

Yesterday, I was driving east on Chester Ave toward University Circle. When I do this, I often look for the house at 1911 East 89th St., just off Chester,  where my Grandma Grace lived from 1943 until her death in 1948. I posted about visiting this house in 2014: In 2016 I posted again

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Eating Pizza in a Covered Bridge in Andover, Ohio

In my quest to accumulate information about the history of Andover, Ohio, where I grew up, I ran across a Google search result for the Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor. The company’s web page provides details of its origins: At the Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor we invite you to discover a pizza parlor that gives you

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