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Today, my son Kurt and I traveled to Vermilion, Ohio, for the graveside ceremony for Frederick L. Holzhauser, Kurt’s step-grandfather. Fred passed away at age 98 on 5 Feb 2018. His cremains were interred next to the graves of his parents in Maple Grove Cemetery.

Kurt and I represented the family of Meta, Fred’s wife who passed away in 1999. Fred and Meta were married in 1973 and shared a wonderful life together for 26 years. Meta was Kurt’s maternal grandmother and my mother-in-law.

Fred’s family was well-represented by a brother and two sisters, as well as many nieces and nephews.

When I returned home, I was inspired to do some Internet research, and I’m glad I did. A Google search led me to a news item in the Sandusky Register dated 6 Sep 1950 which reported that Kent State University had conferred on Fred a masters degree in mathematics. It further reported that Fred had earned a bachelors degree from KSU in education.

I was aware of Fred’s education, but the fact that the Google Search led me to this newspaper account was a revelation to me. I have access to through my subscription. But I wasn’t aware that I could find items using Google.

The same Google search led me to another item: The University Communications and Marketing records collection at Kent State. Apparently, there is a file with clippings and information about Fred and his days as a student at the university. I found details at

So I guess I need to take a road trip to Kent in Portage County, Ohio, and the Special Collections Department at the University.

While I am there, I will make an effort to learn about my Grandma Grace’s study there, as well as more information about my mother’s student days there. They both earned teaching certificates.

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