DNA Testing FAILS at Living DNA — Three Times

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Today I received an email from Living DNA stating that my THIRD attempt at testing with Living DNA had failed. Here is the text of the email:https://www.livingdna.com

Following on from the testing of your third sample, we are very sorry to have to tell you that this third attempt has also generated a LOW CALL RATE. What this means is that it has not been possible for us to identify up to 1% or approximately 6,800 marker locations within your DNA on that sample.

We do know that some people will struggle to swab enough DNA to test. This is because they naturally do not shed enough cells when compared to others which makes it harder to extract enough DNA for testing.

This is not a medical condition and unfortunately as a individual, you cannot increase your shed rate.

Because we have worked with you to collect three samples and reduce errors in the collection method, we believe that a low shed rate may be the reason that there has not been enough DNA in your samples.

Sadly, this means it is likely that we would not be able to get results for you with further testing and we have to say that we have reached the end of your journey with us.

We understand that this is very disappointing news and that you have paid to receive your results, which will not be supplied.

Because this is such a very rare occurrence we would like to offer you a refund for the cost of your testing.

I’m thankful that Living DNA will refund my purchase price.

I have tested successfully with AncestryDNA (spit), MyHeritageDNA (swab) and FamilyTreeDNA (swab), but the Living DNA test (swab) was unsuccessful in three separate tries. I was very careful to follow all the directions, including swabbing counterclockwise for the recommended time, cautions about eating before the test, etc.

Go figure.

  1. Theresa Rielly

    Interesting that you were offered a refund. I had one fail twice, same message and they were not going to refund the money or send me a third test. I emailed to ask for another option and have been told that I can have a refund now or risk a third test failing in which case they will not offer a refund.


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