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Earlier today, I posted a notice about an all-day DNA seminar featuring CeCe Moore at the Akron Summit County Public Library. Go here to read that posting:

This afternoon I learned that the DNA test provider Living DNA is hooking up with the genealogy database provider Find My Past. It makes sense because both are based in Great Britain and the combination will make an attractive offering, especially for genealogists researching ancestors in Great Britain and Ireland.

Here is the announcement yesterday from Find My Past:

  • The two leading British companies are creating a new DNA experience focused on uncovering British & Irish roots
  • New service will be launched in Fall 2018
  • Living DNA tests now available at Findmypast

Leading British and Irish family history website, Findmypast, has today announced a new partnership with the providers of the world’s most advanced DNA test, Living DNA.

Together, the two British companies are creating a new DNA experience that is designed to help customers explore their British and Irish roots. This new experience will combine cutting-edge science with traditional family history research methods, allowing families to discover more about their past and present.

Living DNA’s tests provide a unique breakdown of ethnic identities associated with 21 regions across Britain and Ireland by analyzing unique combinations of linked DNA. This proprietary method delivers a level of detail that is currently unmatched by any other test available on the market.

You can read the full article at

One comment from my personal experience: I make three attempts to test with Living DNA, carefully following the instructions to the letter. All three attempts failed and Living DNA informed me that some test subjects simply could not be tested successfully. At the same time, I have tested successfully with Ancestry DNA, MyHeritage DNA, and Family Tree DNA.

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