Tracking My 2020 Mail-In Ballot

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I have been voting in presidential elections since 1956 when I was first 18 years old. My oldest recollection is of voting machines where I placed a ballot sheet in a machine and then punched my choices, candidate by candidate and issue by issue. Later, I marked a paper ballot which then was inserted in an electronic ballot box for processing.

I began voting by mail in 2010 and found it very convenient. Not only did I not have to stand in line at my assigned polling place, but I was able to study the ballot and do some research on any candidates I wasn’t sure of, such as judges, without feeling the pressure of other voters waiting in line to cast their ballots. The Cuyahogs County Board of elections at has an online database recording my participation. Note: this does not indicate who I voted for!

For the 2020 election, I downloaded a ballot request form from the Board of Elections website, filled it in, and mailed it on August 10. Today, the website indicates that the request has been received and approved. Further, the website states that my ballot will be mailed to me on October 6.

Check this space for updates on my receiving my ballot and returning it.

  1. Linda Jean Ellis

    Thanks for sharing. My question is why is the BOE waiting until October 6th to send us the ballots which could take a day or two to reach us? I submitted my application for my ballot in July. I know they got it. But, when we mail our ballots back there will certainly be a rush to get them in during most of the month of October. I feel that the mailings of the ballots should be staggered starting in September so the Post Office isn’t overwhelmed.


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