Connections to 2020 Cleveland Presidential Debate

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Tomorrow night I will be watching the first Presidential debate leading up to the 2020 Presidential election on TV. For the record, I have some connections to the site of this debate in the Sheila and Eric Samson Pavilion at the Health Education Campus at Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic.

For example, I attended Case Institute of Technology, earning a BSc degree in metallurgical engineering in 1960. Later, I attended the Weatherhead School of Business of Western Reserve University earning a MBA in marketing in 1967. That also was the year that the two universities “federated” to become Case Western Reserve University.

My late wife and I have been using the Cleveland Clinic as our healthcare provider for about 30 years. I have driven by the Samson Pavilion many times on the way to appointments on the Clinic main campus.

Finally, my grandmother Grace and her third husband Don Stafford lived on East 89th St just a long block from East 93rd St where the Samson Pavilion is today.

Their house was torn down a couple of years ago, as I posted under the title “OMG!!! Grandma Grace’s House Is Gone!”

In 2014, I posted about visiting this house:

And in 2016, I posted this about when she lived in this house:

So I will be right at home with the setting of the first 2020 Presidental Debate. I know the neighborhood!

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