King Charles and the Western Reserve

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Under normal circumstances, I do not pay much attention to the royalty in the United Kingdom or any other realm. But when Prince Charles ascended to the British throne as King Charles III upon the death of his mother a few weeks ago, I was reminded about the involvement of another King Charles in the development of the Western Reserve.

King Charles II granted a Royal Charter to the Colony of Connecticut in 1662. The charter granted land to the colony extending westward from the Atlantic Ocean across the North American continent to the Pacific Ocean. During the organization of what became the United States of America the rights to the westward land owned by Connecticut was reduced to what became known as the Connecticut Western Reserve, which in turn became 10 counties and parts of five more in the northeastern corner of the State of Ohio.

So is King Charles III a blood descendent of King Charles II? With the information available today on the internet, it is relatively easy to learn about any such relationship.

According to the line of succession provided by Wikipedia (Family tree of British monarchs), Charles III does descend from Charles II through 11 generations, but not directly. There are some sideways relationships in which the direct descendent died before assuming the throne and the crown passed to a siblings. In one case, the sideways accession involved four royals.

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The official website for the monarchy of Great Britain is at This website offered up a fascinating look at the life of Charles II. For this report, go to

If you are interested, a Google search will lead to many other websites with additional insights into the royal family of Great Britain information,

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