Sisu Comments Two Days in a Row

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Twice in two days people have commented on the Sisu sticker on the rear window of my Honda Odyssey. What a coincidence!

Yesterday (25 May 2024) , a visitor at my neighbor’s said she had seen the movie Sisu produced in Finland. We discussed the various meanings of the Finnish word Sisu such as guts, determination, and perseverance. She agreed that all these words were depicted in the movie, which had a limited run in Cleveland movie theaters in April 2023. Synopsis: The hero was a Finnish military veteran who was prospecting for gold in northern Finland. He found gold early in the movie (created and filmed on location in Finland with mostly Finnish actors) and the rest of the movie depicted his desperate attempts at protecting it until he could get it to a bank.

For a discussion of the term sisu, go to Sisu – Wikipedia. Wikipedia also had details on the creation of the movie at Sisu (film) – Wikipedia

This morning (26 May 2024), while I was on a shopping trip, a car pulled up next to me at a stop light and the driver gave me a thumbs up sign. When I rolled down my window, the young man said he liked my window sticker. He said his mother was of Finnish Ancestry and he knew about Sisu. I explained that my Finnish ancestry was on my father’ s side (his parents emigrated to America from Finland in 1902 and 1903).

The stop light turned green and he held up his fist and said “Sisu Strong” before driving off.

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