One Hundred Years of Finland’s Independence

Dec 6, 2017, is the day Finland will officially celebrate its centennial as an independent country. In the lead-up to that momentous day, it is appropriate that Finland has a website with information about the centennial: Suomi Finland 100. The page on that website that is very interesting to me is “One hundred years of

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Wallace Dingman–My First Relative To Be a Railroader

My maternal grandfather, Wallace Betts Dingman, b 1881 – d 1920, was the first of several relatives to “escape” from life on the farm to working on the railroad. He grew up with his twin brother, Walter, on the farm of Andrew and Mary (Betts) Dingman in Williamsfield Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio. The family is

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The Family Dinner

Lately, with all the focus on the runup to the 2016 Presidential Election, I have been somehow reminded about my family sitting around the dinner table in the mid-1950s discussing topics ranging from family developments to national news of the day. Mind you, I don’t recall any specific topics, but only that Dad and Mom

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