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Ancestor’s Life Recorded in Newspapers

Nelson Dinghman (b 1818-d 1907) was my great great grandfather. When I was growing up, I never heard a word about him, even though he had lived only about 15 miles from my childhood home in Andover, Ohio. Early on in my involvement in genealogy, I looked for information about Nelson and learned that he

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Electronic Version of Cleveland Plain Dealer

The local newspaper, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, has made the move to electronic distribution and cut back on the delivery of printed copies to four days a week: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I still wake up in the morning ready to go out to the end of the driveway and pick up the paper.

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Newspaper Article about a Dog Named Buster Adds Information

One day last week I received a phone call from Carl Feather, a feature writer for the Ashtabula, Ohio, Star Beacon. He was calling at the suggestion of Penny Redmon, my wife’s first cousin once removed, to see if we had a photo of Buster, the beloved pet of my wife’s grandfather, James Van Court.

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