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Free Genealogy Class Series at the Brecksville Branch Library

If you are interested in learning how to do genealogy and you live in Brecksville or nearby, you might want to take advantage of this class series: Last summer, the Brecksville branch library asked Cuyahoga Valley Genealogical Society to present a series of genealogy classes. This March, Vice President/Program Chair Jane Gramlich will teach this 3-part

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52 Ancestors — #8: Nelson Andrew Dingman, Cheesemaker

I’m aiming to create postings about my maternal grandfather, Wallace Betts Dingman, his twin brother Walter Chase Dingman, and their older brother Nelson Andrew Dingman. I’m starting with great (or grand) uncle Nelson for the simple reason that he died relatively young and therefore left only a limited number of records. When Nelson Andrew Dingman

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Where’s Otto? The Final Chapter

One year ago, I started on a journey to track down the family of my uncle by marriage, Frank Nikkari. When I started, I only had his obituary and his social security application card (I had purchased it back in the day, when it cost only $7). But there was the Internet, and, and

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