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Avoiding Danger when Checking Missed Calls on My iPhone

I have been getting a lot of incoming calls from unknown telephone numbers recently on my iPhone. Here is a recent example: 763-275-1399. I didn’t recognize the area code. Later, in my missed call log, the iPhone indicated that the call was from Becker, MN. I don’t know anybody in this little town (pop. 4,500 according to

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Baked Beans–And a Trip Down Memory Lane

In today’s issue of The Plain Dealer, the local paper (that I have to read online on Tuesdays because it only prints papers on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday), there was an article about a Food and Drug Administration recall of Bush’s Country Style Baked Beans. As it turned out, I had a can of this

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History Leading to Finland’s Independence in 1917

This year, 2017, is the centennial year of Finland’s independence. This has peaked my interest in learning more about the history of the country of my paternal grandparents. It is timely therefore that the March 2017 issue of Finnish American Reporter published an article about that history. According to an Editor’s Note accompanying the article,

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