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I was working just now with a tree I had started in and a record match came up for the burial of my great uncle Frank A. Betts, b 1866-d 1929, on The match was for his burial in Park Lawn Cemetery, just outside of Jamestown in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. I have visited his grave site in this cemetery, so the information was not new, but the match to a record in was my first experience with this database website. Incidentally, the cemetery is a large one, but I could not find a website for it.

In the match offered by, I clicked on “view full record on” I was presented with a list of interments in Park Lawn Cemetery contributed by Terence Whalen. Scrolling way down the list, I found Frank Betts with his birth and death years. In many cases, this would be enough to add this record to a person’s page in a genealogical database or online tree.

In this listing of interments in Park Lawn, I found another Betts and a whole slew of Bates, who are also relatives. There were listed several Dingmans, including my great grandparents Andrew S. and Mary Elizabeth (Betts) Dingman. Again, I know about most of these burials, but it was nice to see them listed all in one place.

The list I reviewed first was for Surnames A-D and ran from Margaret Ackerman to William Duvall. Three other lists are included for Park Lawn for Surnames L to Z. The burial listings included burials as late as 1980. This is all because of the volunteer efforts of Terence Whalen.

I’ve learned that is another useful online resource for searching for info about ancestors and other relatives.

  1. Mary Boehnlein

    Now I will have to do some research about your Frank Betts as I have a lot of PA Betts married into my family. Will let you know if I find a connection.

  2. Mary Boehnlein

    I have a Rodney Betts married to Jane Carter. No info on him but she was born in Jamestown and I bet he was too. I also have severl BETZ which may be the original spelling of Betts. All of them are not blood related to me but married to my relations.


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