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Just checked the MyHeritageDNA website and learned that my DNA test results are available. This makes the third DNA test that I have taken; the other two being AncestryDNA and FamilyTreeDNA.

According to MyHeritageDNA, I am 56.9% Finnish, 30.2% North and West European, and 12.7% South Europe (7.1% Iberian and 5.6% Sardinian).

WDH Ethnicity Estimate from MyHeritge 2017 03 14

This compares with my results from AncestryDNA: Finland/Northwest Russia, 57%; Europe West, 26%; Italy/Greece, 7%; Scandanavia, 4%; Iberian Peninsula, 3%; Great Britain, 2; and European Jewish, <1%.

FamilyTreeDNA’s  FamilyFinder test provided the following results: Finland and Northern Siberia, 64%; Western and Central Europe, 27%; and Southern Europe, 14%.

The ethnicity results match up quite well. Any differences are due to differences in the panels of people being tested by each DNA testing service.

If you are interested in doing DNA testing, you might want to learn about current turnaround times from my experience: Right now, MyHeritage has the fastest turnaround time, providing results in about three weeks. AncestryDNA is currently taking up to eight weeks to run a test through its lab, while FamilyTreeDNA falls in between those extremes.

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