Shocked To See Advertising on The O’Reilly Factor

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Because of the recent news about sexual harassment cases involving Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, and because of the news about advertisers leaving his show, The O’Reilly Factor,  in droves, I tuned in last evening. I don’t normally watch Fox News; MSNBC is more to my taste.

I wanted to see who remained as advertisers on O’Reilly’s show. I was shocked to see that  was the second advertiser up in the first commercial break.

After thinking about this for a few minutes, I went to my computer and fired off the following email to the advertising department at

To whom it may concern,
As a longtime premium subscriber of and a user of AncestryDNA, I am extremely disappointed that you would place an advertisement with the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News tonight.
I would hope that going forward, you will join the many other advertisers who have pulled their advertisements from Mr. O’Reilly’s program. As you well know, he has paid out millions to settle sexual harassment cases.
Wallace Huskonen
I have no illusions that my email by itself meant anything, but this morning I learned from Huffington Post that put out the following statement on Twitter: “We’re in the process of pulling our ads from this show.”
In addition to checking out the advertising remaining on the show, I was interested in what his theme would be during the program. As he frequently does, he served as a cheerleader for Donald Trump and his administration. He went on the attack, accusing Susan Rice of playing politics with her former position of national security adviser during the Obama administration, even as he stated coyly that she should be considered innocent until proven guilty.
It will be interesting to see if Fox takes any action in the coming days.

FYI: This report covers advertisers who have publicly stopped advertising on The O’Reilly Factor: 24 companies pull ads from The O’Reilly Factor. It apparently is being updated regularly.


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