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Yesterday was an exciting day. RootsMagic finally released its TreeShare functionality with This means that a RootsMagic family tree can be linked with an family tree. Hints from Ancestry will show up in the shared RootsMagic tree. And changes made in either tree can be carried over to the other.

This requires downloading an updated version of RootsMagic 7 (you need to own this database software) to your computer and going through some simple steps to activate the TreeShare functionality.  Those include downloading an Ancestry tree to RootsMagic or vice versa so that you have the same tree “in the cloud” on Ancestry and on your computer in Rootsmagic. Then you can use the full power of TreeShare to add new records to both trees.

At the moment, I have only viewed Bruce Buzbee’s video on how to do this and what the advantages are for doing so. Go here to see this relatively easy to understand video. You have to scroll down the web page to find the screen capture with the start link.

I will be trying this out today and report back. Watch this space.


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