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Well, here I am again. Finally.

I have been very busy daily for more than a week with transitioning from Roboform as my password manager to LastPass. I have completed that process and checked out each of 195 different log-in/sign-in items. They all work after I updated some obsolete URLs and passwords in my Roboform database.

Roboform did a good job for me for many years, but it wasn’t working well on my iPhone. Having recently obtained an iPhone 7 to use with my Verizon account, I was very interested in a more up-to-date password manager. Roboform was created for use on desktop PCs and worked pretty well in that environment, but even with some user interface changes, it did not perform well for me in the iOS environment (iPad and iPhone).

Now I am able to have LastPass on all my devices and log in to online accounts and websites wherever I am. In fact, all I need is my master password to access LastPass wherever I am, because it was created to be cloud-based from its inception.

FYI, more than one-third of the logins are for accounts and websites related to genealogy and family history. Duh!

The fact that LastPass is easy to use on multiple devices is important. For example, anytime I need to look up a birthday, I can access my main tree on with my desktop PC, laptop PC, iPad, or iPhone and find the answer.

I am happy that I invested the many hours in making the transition to LastPass.

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