Reconstructing International Conference Trips

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During my career at Penton Media (aka Penton Publishing — see its Wikipedia page for a brief history) in Cleveland, I was fortunate enough to serve as editor-in-chief of  Metalproducing magazine (aka 33 and Metalproducing & Processing. Now defunct). This trade magazine covered the metals industry, including steelmaking. As a result, I attended meetings of the International Iron and Steel Institute, now known as World Steel.

I have never compiled an account of these international trips and it was a bit of a challenge to reconstruct when and where each annual meeting was held. Through diligent searching on the Internet, I found a record of the meeting sites during the years that I was involved with Metalproducing. Here is the outline of dates and sites. I intend to flesh out the details of each trip sometime in the future. I have noted when my wife, MJ, was able to travel with me in the outline:

International Iron and Steel Institute Meeting Host Countries and Cities
1990 – Australia. Meeting in Sydney.
1991 – Canada. Meeting in Montreal. With MJ.
1992 – Japan. Meeting in Tokyo.
1993 – France. Meeting in Paris. With MJ.
1994 – USA. Meeting in Colorado Springs. With MJ.
1995 – Brazil. Meeting in Rio de Janeiro. With MJ.
1996 – Finland, Meeting in Helsinki.
1997 – Austria. Meeting in Vienna. With MJ.
1998 – Taiwan. Meeting in Taipei.

I was able to visit other countries for other conferences and to tour new metal producing plants as well. International travel was a perk of the job that I enjoyed.

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