Great Grandpa’s Headstone “Find” by Familysearch

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This morning I received an email from informing me about finding my Great Grandpa Andrew Dingman’s headstone. Here is a screen capture of the message:

Email from FamilySearch

I’m very impressed by this information, not because it is new to me but because FamilySearch has the capability of connecting Grandpa Andrew’s information with the headstone image. I have visited the Park Lawn Cemetery in Jamestown, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, and photographed the headstone. I have even seen the image on Find A Grave.

Great Grandpa Andrew’s headstone in Park Lawn Cemetery in Jamestown, Pennsylvania.

What is impressive is that FamilySearch has written an algorithm to find a connection between the data I have entered in my family tree contribution on with the data on the Find A Grave website.

It makes me wonder what FamilySearch will develop for hinting in the future.

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