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Collecting Death Certificates–Payoffs and Pitfalls

Who, what, where and when are key questions that are answered by genealogical records. In the following discussion, we are adding two more questions: why and how. Who to collect death certificates for: ● Direct ancestors are a top priority. ● Ancillary ancestors are a second priority. ● Obtaining death certificates is becoming more costly.

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Harvesting Pennsylvania Death Records on

I have a large number of ancestors who passed away in Pennsylvania. For years, it was necessary to visit one of five Pennsylvania repositories around the state to obtain a death certificate for a deceased ancestor. This effectively stopped me from obtaining these valuable records. A few months ago, the Pennsylvania State Archives announced that

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Vital Records Provide Background for JFK Assassination

The Blog posting for Nov 20, 2013, illustrates how vital records can provide much background information for an historical event, in this case the assassination of John F Kennedy, on Nov 22, 1963. The title of the blog: “Looking Back at the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy in New Online Historical Record Collection

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