Archives: December 2015

Learning about Genetics and Your Physical Fitness

At one time, about 25 years ago, I was quite concerned about my physical fitness. I was running at least 3 miles every other day, and even doing some body-building routines. If I had had available the following blog posting, “How Much Does Genetics Really Affect Your Fitness?” I would have been all over it.

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The following rather surprising, even shocking, announcement was posted by Kendall Hulet on December 8, 2015 in Australia, Canada, Family Tree Maker, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom – See more at: Ancestry is proud to have made a significant investment this year to bring valuable new content and records to the Ancestry site. In 2015,

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My Absence from Posting on Collecting Ancestors

It has been awhile since I last posted to this blog–since July to be exact. I have been dealing with some family health issues. I can’t say they have been resolved, but I am better organized to handle them. As a result, I am going to begin again to post more regularly on this blog.

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