Archives: February 2014

52 Ancestors – # 5: General Sherman Bosseller Becomes Sherman Volser

Parents sometimes bestow unusual names on their children, and in some cases the children change or de-emphasize those unusual names later in life. One such example is General Sherman Bosseller, who was born in November 1864, when General William Tecumseh Sherman was conducting the Civil War campaign known as Sherman’s March to the Sea. General

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Ancestry DNA Results for a Niece

Just got an exciting email from a niece. She reports that she has taken the AncestryDNA test! Her results: Europe 100% Europe West 46% Finland/Northwest Russia 34% Ireland 10% Great Britain 8% Trace Regions 2% At a quick glance, this squares up with what I would expect.  She has great grandparents on her mother’s side

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