Learning About My Seventh Great Grandmother from Holland

This is a followup from my post of yesterday: Ancestry.com Providing Thousands of Hints for My Research . My maternal seventh great grandmother was  Eva Albertssen Bratt, b 9 Jan 1633 in Amsterdam, Holland. When I reviewed my entry for her on my Huskonen-Dingman-Van Court-Scheppelmann Ancestry tree, I found that I only had a paltry two

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Learning About Another Country, South Africa, and its Dutch Origins

I enjoy reading detective novels. And I especially enjoy them when they introduce me to another region, country, or culture. I have just finished reading Cobra, A Novel, written by Deon Meyer. This fast-paced detective novel provides an introduction to modern-day South Africa. The author wrote it  originally in Afrikaans, a language that has evolved from

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