Cuyahoga Valley Genealogical Society

Ending Editorship of Footsteps to Past Newsletter

Today, I completed laying out my last issue as editor of Footsteps to the Past, the quarterly newsletter of the Cuyahoga Genealogical Society, a chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. Martha Nienhaus is taking over as editor and will put together the Fall 2017 issue. When John Stoika died in May in 2013, I took over the Footsteps editorship. I included the

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Mary Jane’s Piano and Pizza Parties

My wife, Mary Jane (MJ for short), has been diagnosed with dementia. This condition has been developing for awhile, and in fact, because of it she had to give up her piano teaching practice in the spring of 2014. Since that time, we have been slowly working on sorting piano music, written records about students,

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