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More on Gift of Family History from Finland

Yesterday, I received the email below from my brother, Walfrid. It was a follow-up to the subject of my post on Aug 8 ( ) Wallace, Attached is my translation of Kaapro Kustaanpoika Huuskonen.  I had help from Matti [a cousin in Finland and the provider of the subject biography] in translating a couple of places,

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Uncle Walter’s Marriage Found Online

Today, I opened one of the hints on and it led me to the marriage record of my great uncle Walter Chase Dingman. I had visited the Archives for Trumbull County, Ohio, in Warren, more than 15 years ago to obtain a paper copy of this marriage record. Now it is available online. If

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The following announcement was issued recently by LEHI, Utah and SAN FRANCISCO, July 31, 2017 — Ancestry, the global leader in family history and consumer genomics, today announced that Evan Wittenberg, most recently the Senior Vice President of People at Box, Inc., has joined the company in the new position of Chief People Officer.

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RootsMagic Releases New Version with TreeShare with

Yesterday was an exciting day. RootsMagic finally released its TreeShare functionality with This means that a RootsMagic family tree can be linked with an family tree. Hints from Ancestry will show up in the shared RootsMagic tree. And changes made in either tree can be carried over to the other. This requires downloading

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Flu Pandemic Claims a WWI Soldier from Ohio

This is another installment in my ongoing WWI research to commemorate America’s Centennial of entering the War in 1917. “To Appear Saturday” read the headline on page 9 in the Hutchinson News for Tuesday, 16 Jul 1918. The Reno County, Kansas, newspaper was reporting that local men had been notified to appear for physical examinations: Thirty-three

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RootsMagic Moving Closer to Syncing with Family Trees

Thanks to Randy Seaver and his Genea-Musing blog, I was able to view a video created by Bruce Buzbee about how his RootsMagic personal computer database program (Version 7) will shortly be able to “sync” with family trees in His post is here: The new capabilities of RootsMagic 7 in working with trees in

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Learning About Gertrude Stoll

I was working on my collateral relative Albert Bryan Wagner, Al for short, gathering any information available on and from other online database providers. He was the husband of Faye F Dingman, my 1st cousin once removed. I never met the man, but he was discussed by family members because he ended up owning

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Is Fayetta’s Death Date Wrong on Her Headstone?

If you want an example of a unique combination of given and family names, I would offer Fayetta Salome Flaugh as a good example.Nearly 20 years ago, I attended a meeting of the Computer Assisted Genealogy Group Greater Cleveland (CAGG for short) to learn about genealogy database programs. Several members were demonstrating features of the

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