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Is Fayetta’s Death Date Wrong on Her Headstone?

If you want an example of a unique combination of given and family names, I would offer Fayetta Salome Flaugh as a good example.Nearly 20 years ago, I attended a meeting of the Computer Assisted Genealogy Group Greater Cleveland (CAGG for short) to learn about genealogy database programs. Several members were demonstrating features of the

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Who Was that Little Girl Buried Next to MJ’s Grandmother

In discussing our family history, my wife, Mary Jane (MJ for short), has mentioned many times that her paternal grandmother was named Mary Margaret Caroline Heinselman Butcher Van Court. She was somewhat unusual for having two middle names and three family names. Heinselman was her maiden name, and Butcher was the name she assumed when

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Search Cleveland Catholic Cemeteries with iPhone App

Yesterday (16 Dec 2016),  the Catholic Cemeteries Association, Diocese of Cleveland, introduced a FREE iPhone App for searching nearly 700,000 burials dating back to the mid-1800s in Catholic cemeteries throughout Northeast Ohio. Some other features: Save loved ones and cemetery info to your profile for easy access later. Use GPS navigation to your loved one’s

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