She Was Listed in Outstanding Young Women of America 1971

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The other day I did some more cleaning and organizing of “things” around the house. I came across the book Outstanding Young Women of America, 1971. I had forgotten about this volume and the entry for Mary Jane (MJ), my late wife.

Here is how the publishing organization describes the volume:

“The Outstanding Young Women of America Award Program, now in its sixth year, is dedicated to recognizing and encouraging America’s most distinguished young women between the ages of 21 and 35 who give their time and efforts for the betterment of community, country, and profession. The young women who participate in the program are nominated for this honor by women’s organizations and college alumni associations. They represent the best of America’s conscientious young people.”

Here is the entry for MJ, found on page 333.

Huskonen, Mary Jane Van Court: Brecksville, Ohio; Homemaker, Instructor: b: Dec 12, 1938; m: Wallace Dingman; C: Karen Lynn, Kurt Wallace; d: Clyde and Meta Van Court; d-in-law: Walfrid and Mary Huskonen; ed: Baldwin-Wallace College, BME: 1956-60: career: Piano Instr 1957-60; 1965-; Parma City Schools, Tchr 1960-68; Rec Dir 1962: Redeemer Luth Church, Organist 1959-62; civic: South Suburban Montessori Assn 1970-, Registrar, Bd Mem; Southwest Music Women’s Com 1970-, Hosp Chm 1970-71; Cambridge Village Assn 1964-, Sec 1970; Cleveland Piano Tchr Org, 1966- Corr Sec; Ohio Music Tchr Assn 1966-; Music Tchr Natl Assn, 1966-; Ohio Music Tchr Assn, 1960-65; NEA 1964-69; Ohio Ed Assn, Northeast Ohio Ed Assn 1960-65; Parma Ed Assn, Thoreau Park PTA 1960-65.

As you can see, MJ was a very busy lady in the 1960s and 1970s. She continued many of these activities until she became too ill to participate beginning in 2014.

I remember most of the activities very well. The value of this volume is that it provides not only the activities, but dates and date ranges that I can add to MJ’s timeline

Publication data: Outstanding Young Women of America, 1971, Chicago, IL 60611. 759 pages.


  1. Betsy J Boundy

    MJ was a very accomplished woman and enriched the lives of many people.

  2. David Troup

    I came across your blog entry while search for information on “Outstanding Young Women of America.” By coincidence, my mother was also recognized in the 1971 edition of this publication. Not unlike your late wife I’m sure, my mom was also accomplished, giving of her time and energy, and involved in a zillion things. I never knew how she did it all. My condolences on your loss.


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