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For almost a year now, I have been tapping into the resources of the genealogical database provider known as I started out by creating a free website, then I downloaded its free computer family tree database program Family Tree Builder. Intrigued by what I found, I next opened a subscription that provided access to

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Latest on MyHeritage DNA Test

Here is the latest report on the progress of my recent DNA test at MyHeritageDNA: Raw data produced Your DNA data is being loaded into our highly secured server and analyzed by both automated algorithms and our data scientists. Once the raw data is produced, we will have a digital file associated with your kit

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My Heritage & 23andMe Work to Combine Family Trees and DNA

A few days ago, MyHeritage Founder and CEO, Gilad Japhet, used a news feed on Bloomberg TV to announce and explain a “strategic collaboration” with 23andMe. The announcement was captured and made available on YouTube, which you can view here: I might point out that MyHeritage <>has a very substantial presence in Europe

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