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Today, got word that my test at MyHeritageDNA is in the lab for processing. That means there are only three more steps before I will see the results from this new testing service (introduced in late 2016). Here is the schedule so far and continuing:

Here is the explanation provided by MyHeritageDNA for the testing process:
DNA extraction in progress
Your DNA sample is a collection of your cells, and your DNA is tucked away into the nucleus of each of these cells. In order to analyze the DNA molecule we first need to extract it from the cells contained in your sample.

We begin the extraction process by transferring your sample onto a deep well plate containing a total of 96 samples. We inject the samples with a special substance that eats away at any contaminants on the sample, leaving it clean and ready for extraction. Finally, our extraction robot separates the DNA from any other materials in the sample.

If both vials of your DNA sample are readable, we will now store one in our robotic freezer in case it’s needed later, while the other will continue to the next steps of the lab process.

I’m looking forward to seeing my MyHeritage test results and comparing them with my AncestryDNA results.

  1. Dennis

    Myheritage schedule

    Order placed: 12/17
    Kit shipped: 12/19
    Kit arrived and actived: 2/1
    Sample received at lab: 3/7
    DNA extraction in progress: 3/13

  2. Kim

    So far my test looks like this on the time line. I ordered two tests for my parents. My dad’s test was received on the 12th; extraction took place two days later on the 14th. The specimen went from microassay process to Raw Data Produced in the same day. (no date is shown on the countdown page, but I believe it was about three days). Actually between two clicks of the screen. I thought it was going to continue to be that quick, and then went to “Raw Data Produced” on the 18th and today is the 23rd … still waiting on the results. Along the top of the screen the ETA is shown as Oct 3 to Oct 10. I hope this helps for those of you checking for DNA results. I’ve read there is a backlog and that may be the reason. Unsure.

    Thanks for hosting this. I’m enjoying the trip through geneology.


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