RootsMagic Releases New Version with TreeShare with

Yesterday was an exciting day. RootsMagic finally released its TreeShare functionality with This means that a RootsMagic family tree can be linked with an family tree. Hints from Ancestry will show up in the shared RootsMagic tree. And changes made in either tree can be carried over to the other. This requires downloading

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RootsMagic Moving Closer to Syncing with Family Trees

Thanks to Randy Seaver and his Genea-Musing blog, I was able to view a video created by Bruce Buzbee about how his RootsMagic personal computer database program (Version 7) will shortly be able to “sync” with family trees in His post is here: The new capabilities of RootsMagic 7 in working with trees in

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Do You Know About

Yesterday (12 Jan 2017), Judy Russell blogged about in her blog, The Legal Genealogist. She strongly suggested that you “opt out” of allowing this public information aggregator website to present your personal information. I follow her blog, but I only caught up with “Suggestion: opt out now” today. On its home page, this website

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