Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter (Blog) Is 23!

Sometimes the flow of news about genealogy into my computer is overwhelming. That is my excuse for not earlier reading Dick Eastman’s Dec 15 blog posting about his online newsletter/blog being 23 years old. But I have caught up with that lengthy posting today, and all I have to say is “Congratulations,” Dick, on your

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Today (06 Aug 2018) I opened an email sent to my Gmail account yesterday by It advised me that I had records for ancestors or relatives to possibly attach to my FamilySearch Family Tree (I am referring here to only my little section of FamilySearch’s Family Tree). There were several records listed for a

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What Happens with DNA Test at MyHeritageDNA Explained

Concise explanations are good! MyHeritageDNA just sent me an email explaining what happens to a DNA sample in their lab. It is short and easy to understand, so I thought I would post it here: A sneak peek into the MyHeritage DNA lab Feb 3 (1 day ago) Hi Wallace,‎ The DNA sample of [name of

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A Gift of Family Info from Finland

My brother Walfrid has maintained regular correspondence with cousins in Finland. Recently, I asked him exactly what the relationship was. He responded with his best explanation. I entered the info in my tree. There were some missing “leaves” so I decided last evening to contact our cousin Matti myself by email and ask for

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