Life and Times of Jennie Morley

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Most people in Andover, Ohio, knew her as Jennie Morley, but her real name was Sarah Jane Howlett. Jennie Morley was important to our family as she raised Grace Green as her daughter. There probably was no formal adoption. It is worth noting that Jennie Morley “adopted” other children over the years.

Jennie was born 18 Dec 1846, in Reynoldsville, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA

1850 Census Washington, Jefferson, Pennsylvania Age: 3. Residing in household of George (age 24) and Laura Howlett (age 28).

1860 Census Winslow, Jefferson, Pennsylvania Age: 13. In household of George (age 32) and Mary Ann Howlett (age 22), second wife of George.

1861 Her father, George Howlett, was killed while serving with the Union Army in the Civil War.

1866 (about) Age: 19. Marriage to James M Perkins. Andover, Ashtabula County, Ohio. James was a Civil War veteran, having served with the 29th Regiment, Ohio Infantry. He was a farmer in West Andover.

1870 Census Andover, Ashtabula, Ohio. Age: 22. Living with husband, James Perkins, in West Andover.

7 May 1880 James Perkins dies in West Andover at a reported age of 35 of apoplexy.

1880 Census Andover, Ashtabula, Ohio Age: 33. Living in Andover as head of household. Also in household, Edwin, age 12, adopted son (this is Edwin Green, older brother of Grace Green); Julia A Green, Jennie’s sister (not sure if Green is her correct surname); and Milo D Sumner, age 18, boarder, working on farm. Milo would be Edwin’s uncle, younger brother of Grace’s mother, Mary (nee Sumner) Green, who was living as a widow in Conneaut at the time, with daughter Grace.

1880 (sometime after) Marriage to James Selby Morley.

1890 No census survives.

1900 Census Andover, Ashtabula, Ohio Age: 53. Living in household of husband, James Morley. Also in household, Grace Morley (age not recorded), daughter.

6 Jun 1900. Death of Husband James S Morley. Jennie inherits the “Morley House” on West Main St, Andover.

1905 Andover Village, Ashtabula, Ohio. Indexed County Land Ownership Maps, 1860-1918. Map shows that Jennie Morley was owner of the house and farm land on West Main St.

1910 Census Andover, Ashtabula, Ohio. Jennie Morley, age 63, is head of household. Living with her is Frank M Green, age 14, listed as “ward”. The FMG initials in the basement evidently were carved about this time.

1920 Census Andover, Ashtabula, Ohio Age: 73. Listed as head of household. Occupation: farmer. Living in the household were Frank M Green, age 23, and Persis E Green, age 22, husband and wife. Frank’s occupation: Clothing salesman.

1927 20 May Age: 80. Death Andover, Ashtabula, Ohio. Jennie’s will stipulated that Grace would inherit the West Main property.

  1. Jim Melton

    Hi Wally, This is all very interesting to read. I will be sure and share it with Viena. I did notice the first date 18 Dec 1948, I think would be 1848, Yes?

  2. Betsy

    Always enjoy reading your research on our family. Seems as though she was a loving, strong and kind lady. This is a tribute to her.


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