Eating Pizza in a Covered Bridge in Andover, Ohio

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In my quest to accumulate information about the history of Andover, Ohio, where I grew up, I ran across a Google search result for the Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor. The company’s web page provides details of its origins:

At the Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor we invite you to discover a pizza parlor that gives you more than just pizza. At the North Kingsville and Andover locations, the restaurant itself is a piece of history.

These unique eateries are actually restored pieces of an original covered bridge known as the Foreman Road Bridge, named for its location in Eagleville, Ohio. Built in 1862, its entire 126 feet and 55 tons were constructed of local lumber. In 1972 Ashtabula County decided to replace the bridge and sold it to the highest bidder for five dollars. Then began the painstaking task of dismantling and preserving the timber.

Photographs were taken and matched to the carefully numbered crossbeams to insure that it would be reconstructed correctly. For three years the bridge lay in storage while awaiting the development of the plans and the approval of permits. Finally, in 1975 the Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor in North Kingsville, Ohio, opened its doors.

In 1977 it was followed by Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor II in Andover, Ohio. One-half of the bridge was required for each building. Only the original wood was used in the creation of the dining area. Although the atmosphere of early America lingers in the dining rooms, the kitchen boasts all the modern conveniences necessary for quality food preparation. The Covered Bridge has originated a special fine blend of spices and sauce. Fresh dough is made daily. The menu offers a variety of toppings, soups, salads, and sandwiches certain to please even connoisseurs. In the spirit of old-fashioned hospitality, we are happy to extend to you the very best in pizza.

The company also has a Facebook page.

I have heard that Ashtabula County had, at one time, the most covered bridges in the State of Ohio. There is a website listing all known covered bridges in Ohio, including the one that lives on in the form of two pizza parlors.

As some readers know, I moved away from Andover in 1960. I have been back to visit, and I was aware of the Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor — but to date, I have never stopped in.

I am planning a road trip to Andover to do some research at the Andover Library and other stops. I’ll make a point of having some pizza at the Andover Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor.

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