OMG!!! Grandma Grace’s House Is Gone!

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Yesterday, I was driving east on Chester Ave toward University Circle. When I do this, I often look for the house at 1911 East 89th St., just off Chester,  where my Grandma Grace lived from 1943 until her death in 1948.

I posted about visiting this house in 2014:

In 2016 I posted again about Grandma Grace and her move to this house with her third husband, Don Stafford:

This time, there was no house; just a nicely graded and empty lot. It was a shock, to say the least!

The house is gone!!!

What the house looked like when I took this photo in about 2001.

What probably happened was that the Cleveland Clinic bought the house and had it razed. The Clinic complex begins a few hundred feet to the east and south of this now vacant lot. For some reason, I missed all this happening last summer and fall when I went by here on my way to Western Reserve Historical Society.

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