Vesanto, my grandparents home town in Finland, is 150 today

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Vesanto residents celebrated the municipality's 150th birthday today: May 14, 2021. Vesanto became an independent municipality on May 14, 1871.

Due to the corona virus situation, a small group gathered at the municipal marina and beach by Lake Vesantojärvi for speeches, group singing, and a poetry reading by school children. In addition the event was streamed online to homes, cottages, and elsewhere for virtual viewing.

The celebration ceremony is available on Youtube. If you are interested, go to Sorry, the titles and audio all are in Finnish.

Thanks to my cousin Matti Kiiskinen for alerting me about this event held just hours ago in Finland. It just goes to show you what can be achieved by modern technology.

Another Youtube production prepared for the 150th celebration presents 150 snapshots from Vesanto over the years. It is set to a very nice stereo sound track. Here is this link:

I visited Vesanto in 1999 and in 2018. During the second visit, I was able to meet many cousins. It was a memorable time for me.

  1. Maki/Hytonen

    Interesting am curious of Vesanto Finland home of Grandfather interested in tales or stories of area Vesanto

    • whuskonen

      Hello rajalla713. Thanks for your comment. Are you interested in genealogical research involving Vesanto? I traveled to Finland in 2018 and was able to visit Vesanto and relatives in the area. For your information my grandmother was Ida Maria Hytonen.
      Wallace Huskonen (Huuskonen in the old country)


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